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Little Bromley – Sub-station

As well as the 50m pylons affecting the edge of Little Bromley there are plans to locate 3 substations and a battery farm on current agricultural fields in Little Bromley.

As well as the East Anglia Green Substation, there are plans by North Falls and Five Estuaries to site their substations 1km from the National Grid substation in Little Bromley.

The Battery Farm is expected to take 1.15 hectares of prime agricultural land and the East Anglia Green substation to take 23 hectares and that’s without the additional hectares needed to the North Falls and Five Estuaries substations. All this land is used to grow crops all year round – this whole area is a farming community – totally unsuitable for industrialisation on this scale.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and current turbulence caused by the invasion of Ukraine are reminders of the crucial importance of UK food producers to our national resilience.


…however, successful domestic production is what gives us national resilience in an uncertain world. Those countries that are entirely dependent on imports for their food supplies tend to be characterised by less choice and higher prices.

These quotes are taken from the latest Government Food Strategy Published on 13 June 22:

How can they possibly be saying this on one hand and talking about destroying a large part of our productive, food producing region in East Anglia?

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