Ardleigh Matters

Doc 3 – 10 Reasons to SAY NO

  • No need for East Anglia GREEN ! National Grid has not demonstrated a need for the project.
  • Inadequate consultation. It fails against 3 out of 4 Gunning principles (legal tests).
  • Impacts on businesses, the landscape, the environment, heritage, health or home-owners are severe but not presented. Treasury Green Book should hvae been followed.
  • Premature consultation. Why is it being held now, with the offshore transmission review that could change anything, imminent ?
  • Decision made. A single, preferred option, has been presented to us as a done deal. What about alternatives ?
  • Strategic offshore grid. National Grid’s undersea alternative offers consumers a £6bn saving and is better for the environment.
  • Errors & omissions. The consultation includes multiple errors, systematic bias and contradictions between the costs of identical routes of up to £1 billion.
  • Methodology (‘Least Worst Regret’) does not differentiate between options.
  • Project jeopardises timely delivery of Government’s stated ‘Net Zero’ strategy.
  • We believe the consultation breaches consumer protection law & Competition and Markets Authority should investigate.

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